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WHO WE ARE: The Meaning Behind the Name

Karis is the Latin term for “Grace”

” Our core principles shape our efforts. We are dedicated to helping people; our clients, candidates, and communities alike by making a meaningful impact with the utmost integrity and grace. We strive to exceed expectations by providing authentic sound value add solutions to ensure your business or career vision becomes a reality. We believe our holistic approach will change the way the world does business. “

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Gurus

Caryssa Beard, CSP
Caryssa Beard, CSPManaging Director
Founder of Karis Alliance, Caryssa Beard has over 10 years’ experience providing client success across a broad range of industries including Talent Acquisition, Information Technology, Engineering and Healthcare.
Caryssa is passionate about helping others by making a positive and meaningful impact and ensuring authentic value add with all that she does.

She started with recruiting diverse candidates for companies in need of talent, but soon realized that this wasn’t enough – there was a disconnect between the needs of both employers and job seekers which needed addressing. She expanded her company into consulting services for large firms who wanted to do more than just hire diverse employees – Caryssa helped them establish inclusive cultures from the ground up, so they could create environments where all their employees felt valued and respected at all times.

Caryssa exemplifies authenticity with her vision for Karis; to inspire, empower, and to bridge the divide between women in leadership.

” Women deserve a seat at the table, they have a voice that deserves to be heard. Karis is part of that movement. To shift the momentum in which the world does business, holistically with integrity and grace. ” – C. Beard

Rochelle Rivas, MBA
Rochelle Rivas, MBAStaffing & Workforce Management Advisor
Accomplished, results-driven executive with a proven track record providing the
operational and strategic leadership to improve efficiencies and enhance company profitability.

Possess more than 25 years of progressive leadership experience, directing strategic and operational functions for a Fortune 100 corporations. Recognized for exceptional leadership skills and astute understanding of business operations and performance drivers that has led to unprecedented sales revenue and profit growth. Gifted with the vision, determination, and skills needed for high-level, revenue-building strategies and high employee engagement and retention. Established entrepreneur with proven track record, with extensive public company experience, successfully led two Best Places to work efforts in both public and private company.

Results-proven agent for positive change and corporate transformation; successful turning around under-performing markets into robust, growing, highly profitable entities. Creative strategist skilled in generating renewed energy and visionary direction to drive achievement of the highest-priority objectives.

Our Values

We Thrive On Grace, Integrity & Gratitude.

We Have Integrity

Integrity is at the forefront of all that we do. We demonstrate sound moral and ethical values daily. We choose to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

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We Have Gratitude

We express gratitude in and believe costs us nothing, builds our own internal resilience and empowers those around us. Our strategy is long term results, your success is our success.

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We Are Graceful

We believe that valuing people leads to authentic value add solutions. We pride ourselves on putting our best intentions forward. We are respectful and kind to everyone we meet.

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